About Us


SnapLNX™ is a new, breakthrough clip technology.  It is the only spring-loaded clip in the world that operates without any levers.  SnapLNX instead relies on an integrated lever that disappears when engaged, creating a device with the power of the best alligator clip, and the 100% flush fit of a slide-on clip or bar.  The serious flaws of both your typical opposing lever clips and slide on clips are therefore eradicated, as there are no levers poking the wearer or adding unsightly bulk, and no concerns about the body becoming distended after use on thicker objects, or fitting poorly on varying thicknesses.  In short, SnapLNX is the world's most perfect clip.

SnapLNX™ is protected by a U.S. utility patent. All SnapLNX-based devices are handcrafted in the USA.